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IT & Security

IT & Security's Delightful Platform of Choice

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The AI Platform Unifying Procurement
With customizable workflows and approval processes, managing requests and monitoring active suppliers has never been simpler.

Unified Data that Delivers Greater Governance and Security Visibility

Effortlessly adhere to data protection policies. Our platform enables IT and Security teams to collaborate easily and approve all necessary information in one workspace. Ongoing supplier data monitoring makes staying compliant a breeze.

Centerlized Contract Management Delight

Our platform harmonizes the entire contract lifecycle from renewals and expirations to terms, into one delightfully accessible hub. Enjoy comprehensive visibility, centralized management, and unified intelligence guiding compliant oversight.

Aligned Cross-Functional Collaboration

Automate workflows and approvals to simplify IT and security tasks. Collaborate seamlessly with Legal, Finance, and Procurement in a centralized workspace. Stay informed and up-to-date on all projects, contracts, and activities associated with each supplier, eliminating missed updates and opportunities to drive compliance.

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See Levelpath in action.

Levelpath is the AI-powered procurement platform that connects workflows, data, people, and devices to enhance productivity and collaboration across businesses and their suppliers. Whether a high-growth startup or established global leader, our intelligent unification streamlines end-to-end sourcing into one frictionless, delightful journey. 

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