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Finance's Favorite Partner


The AI Platform Unifying Procurement
Say goodbye to siloed spending, reporting black holes, and compliance headaches. Gain the governance needed across procurement activities for an experience that delights finance.

Control Spend and Compliance

Take control of your finances and mitigate financial and compliance risks within your suppliers. Quickly locate and report on payment terms, liability clauses, deadlines, and financial obligations to stay ahead of risks and anticipate business implications.

Improve Budget Management

Finance teams can now monitor the company’s procurement projects in real-time, from initial requests to supplier awards. Your enhanced visibility allows for better budget control and more accurate planning, while at the same time protecting the business against risks, safeguarding profits, and maintaining reputation.

Increase Transparency

Enhance collaboration and transparency across your organization. Teams from Finance, Legal, IT, and Procurement can work together seamlessly in a centralized workspace, with real-time data sharing and automated workflows ensuring everyone has access to the latest information. Mobile visibility allows stakeholders to stay informed and engaged, even on the go, reducing misunderstandings and improving decision-making.

See Levelpath in action.

Levelpath is the AI-powered procurement platform that connects workflows, data, people, and devices to enhance productivity and collaboration across businesses and their suppliers. Whether a finance leader at a high-growth startup or an established global enterprise, our intelligent unification streamlines end-to-end sourcing into one frictionless, delightful journey. 

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