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Effortless Procurement for All

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The AI Platform Unifying Procurement
No more procurement status ambiguity or black box frustrations. Stakeholders from every business function will fall in love with procurement all over again, experiencing elevated delight across the entire procurement journey.

Delight your stakeholders.

Levelpath simplifies the search process for users by guiding them to the right place with simple rules and predefined paths. Say goodbye to manual reading and navigating multiple sources.

Engage with them where they are.

Stakeholders will have a centralized and clear view of their requests, just like having your own concierge keeping you updated.

Deliver results in one single workspace.

Stakeholders are always in the loop, seeing all communication between procurement, IT, Security, Finance, and any other parties involved in the request. Quickly respond to questions or ask for additional information from a single workspace. It's that easy.

See Levelpath in action.

Levelpath is the AI-powered procurement platform that connects workflows, data, people, and devices to enhance productivity and collaboration across businesses and their suppliers. Whether a high-growth startup or established global leader, our intelligent unification streamlines end-to-end sourcing into one frictionless, delightful journey. 

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