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The AI Platform
Unifying Procurement.


Delightful Procurement
Experience a procurement platform that does more than just streamline operations, it enriches data, collapses workflows, and integrates seamlessly across all devices.

Workflows and Approvals

Transform the procurement journey with a centralized platform that turns every step into a delightful experience. From business requests and project visibility to automated supplier onboarding, our AI platform keeps everyone in the loop. Establish clear governance for IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and more, ensuring smooth communication and streamlined workflows.


Collaborative Workspaces

Enhance trust with business partners by making it easy for stakeholders to collaborate directly within the platform, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Foster seamless teamwork between Finance, Legal, IT, Security, and business stakeholders with a shared workspace and robust communication tools. Achieve greater visibility across the entire procurement process, streamlining collaboration and improving efficiency.



Control Permissions with Ease. Enterprise-grade risk controls allow the business to request, approve, revoke, and audit permissions using automated workflows. Maintain separation of duties with granular permissions and track all user with detailed audit trails. Stay in control effortlessly! Set up system permissions once, and they will work across all apps on the platform, ensuring consistent compliance and security. Automate the request-for-permissions workflow for streamlined efficiency.



Optimize your entire procurement landscape with Hyperbridge, our revolutionary reasoning engine. Unify every data stream, workflow, and collaborative touchpoint into a singular, cohesive data set to ensure your procurement operation runs like a well-oiled machine. By consolidating disparate systems, data sources, and touchpoints, Hyperbridge drives substantial productivity gains and significant cost savings, making your procurement process more efficient and effective.

Mobility and Anytime Access

Experience the freedom of our Available Anywhere Platform. Revolutionize your procurement operations with seamless real-time collaboration, instant supplier updates, powerful analytics, and enhanced customer engagement. Boost productivity, empower your teams, and navigate daily procurement complexities with ease. Pick up right where you left off, from any device, at any time, ensuring you never miss a beat.



Elevate your operational efficiency and streamline processes with our AI-powered Procurement Platform. Seamlessly unify procurement data, functions, and workflows into a singular, cohesive ecosystem. Gain greater visibility with our out-of-the-box reporting capabilities and instantly access critical data, uncover hidden risks, identify opportunities, and extract actionable business insights with ease.


Integration Layer

Unleash the full potential of LevelPath's AI-driven platform, designed to unify procurement processes and seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack. Our platform is crafted to meet you wherever your team operates. Leverage our library of native integrations to facilitate collaboration, automate workflows, and maintain data integrity across mission-critical applications. From procure-to-pay suites and cloud storage platforms to e-signature solutions and beyond, LevelPath serves as the central hub, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of systems and processes.


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