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Streamline Contract Management.

Levelpaths AI platform offers a unified system for reviewing, collaborating, and managing rapid contract turnaround, ensuring that your contracts move smoothly and will always be available to the business.

Easily manage contracts from signature to renewal. 
Future-proof your contract management with enhanced visibility into supplier obligations and compliance.

Streamline Contract Management

Empower your procurement processes with Levelpath's Agreements App, designed to streamline contract management and ensure an efficient, delightful procure to contract journey. Leverage automated contract renewal alerts and stakeholder prompts to never miss a deadline again. Our workflow and approval engine automates the contract approval process, reducing errors and delays, while seamlessly integrating with DocuSign for quick finalization.

Centralize Contract Repository

Get complete visibility into all your contracts, past and present, with Levelpath's Agreements App. Easily manage, organize, and store all contracts in one centralized repository accessible from any device. Our powerful search capabilities and OCR technology make it effortless to find any contract and associated metadata, even with limited information. Streamline your contract management process for procurement, IT, legal, and finance teams, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

Confidently manage supplier contracts and obligations with Levelpath's Agreements App. Mitigate risks by ensuring suppliers meet requirements through managing obligations and tying them to supplier reviews. Simplify audit preparation, as all contract data is centralized within one platform. This single source of truth provides auditors with complete visibility and assurance, eliminating the challenges of scattered contract data.

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