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Summer Vibes and Teamwork: Levelpath's Product Offsite in Riga

As the warm June sun embraced Riga, Latvia, our product team embarked on an unforgettable five-day offsite adventure. Blending productive planning sessions with invigorating outdoor activities, we made the most of the Latvian summer while strengthening our bonds and aligning Levelpath’s product vision.

In any global work environment, fostering deep connections can be challenging. Levelpath’s Product offsite provided the perfect opportunity to bridge those gaps, build momentum, and enhance team collaborative efforts. These in-person gatherings deepen our camaraderie and strengthen our bond and teamwork across offices.

Our largest product team calls Riga home, but with colleagues from our San Francisco headquarters and Colorado office joining, the group needed a more spacious venue. The Fantadroms Conference Center proved to be the ideal choice for our team to come together with a shared goal: continued innovation around our AI platform that unifies procurement.

A Memorable Offsite

We often talk about making procurement delightful, but that delight starts with our team. While days were filled with productive sessions, the Product team made sure to sprinkle in plenty of fun (and delight):

  • Participated in a Techhub meetup with the Backend Engineers 

  • Savored a delightful dinner at a Michelin recommended restaurant, Riviera 

  • Tested our teamwork and resilience with a thrilling (and windy) canoe trip through Riga's channel and river Daugava

  • Wrapped up the week with a relaxing lakeside outing and happy hour

By the end of the week, the group was energized by the clarity of objectives and the strengthened relationships. As we look ahead to our larger company-wide Pathfest, Levelpath’s annual employee gathering where we enjoy team building activities, this coming September, we are reminded of the invaluable role group gatherings play in maintaining a cohesive global workplace and delivering an amazing AI platform for our customers.

If you're looking for your next challenge and want to be part of something great, we’d love to hear from you.’

– Michaela


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