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Levelpath Connect: 4 Takeaways

Levelpath Connect brings together our valued customers to share our vision

At Levelpath, our success goes hand in hand with our customers' success and our achievements would not be possible without the incredible partnerships we have cultivated. This is why I love when it is time for Levelpath Connect, our customer event. It is a great opportunity to bring everyone together in one room, share our vision of how we want to change the industry, and bring everything together in one unified view!

Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber

A Day of Inspiration and Innovation Connect was an action-packed day filled with amazing customer presentations, exciting demos, focused roadmap discussions, and networking. Our customers' enthusiasm was infectious, and we kept hearing that they wanted to put more into one core solution like Levelpath. 

Since we could not have everyone join the event, here are four key takeaways:

1) AI is Transforming Procurement Now

Our customers agree that true transformation in procurement goes beyond mere task automation. It involves enhancing user experiences and business impact. By improving productivity and outcomes, we are committed to building a solution from the ground up, integrating AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and a delightful user experience as foundational elements of Levelpath's AI Platform.

Yilmaz Oztanir, VP Engineering

2) Hyperbridge Reasoning Engine Enhances Agility

Levelpath's Hyperbridge reasoning engine drives substantial productivity gains for our customers. At Connect, customers shared that they are experiencing significant cost savings through our platform by leveraging enriched supplier data. This data allows them to more easily manage supplier records and unlock enhanced business agility. The positive feedback reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Drew Lowe, SiriusXM

3) Continuous Customer-Centric Collaborative Development

Our roadmap is shaped by invaluable customer feedback, reflecting their

desire for continuous enhancements and innovative new features.

Ken Mooney, Fortrea

This collaborative approach ensures Levelpath remains the industry-leading procurement solution, evolving hand in hand with the growing needs of our customers. However, collaboration extends far beyond our AI-powered platform. It strengthens our entire community, fostering an environment where best practices are shared, and collective knowledge propels us forward.

Delightful Procurement, Levelpath

4) Analysts Affirm Our Vision

The excitement around our mission is shared by industry analysts. IDC's FutureScape report highlights that “Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the IT Industry and the Way Businesses Operate.” This shift will fundamentally change how enterprises function, meet customer needs, and bolster internal productivity.

There is nothing more invigorating than helping customers reach new heights and we are so very grateful for the opportunity to be on this delightful procurement journey with them! I can not wait for Connect this fall.

– Stan


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