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Highlights from"Future of Supply Chain" Event at Shack15

This week, Kearney and a network of curious innovators joined forces to host "The Future of Supply Chain",  an event that brought together venture capitalists, visionary leaders, and subject matter experts to explore how emerging technologies like AI are transforming procurement and supply chain operations.Held at Shack15, the event featured thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions that delved into the tech-driven future of business. Attendees gained valuable insights from industry leaders representing major brands such as Lubrizol, Grupo Bimbo, REI, and Clorox. 

Mauricio De La Pena, Vice President of Supply Chain Transformation, encapsulated the event's mission, stating "Living in a world with end-to-end supply chain problems is why we need end-to-end collaboration."  The immersive experience underscored the pivotal role of digital transformation in building resilient, intelligent supply chain ecosystems.

Key Insights from the Supply Chain Event

  1. Fostering Collaboration and Visibility In a world riddled by supply chain disruptions, subject matter experts in supply chain underscored the paramount need for new collaboration models. They stressed the importance of achieving comprehensive visibility across end-to-end supply chain operations. This transparency enables organizations to proactively mitigate risks and optimize performance in lockstep with internal departments and external suppliers. Robust collaboration and real-time visibility emerged as critical imperatives for building agile, resilient supply chain networks capable of withstanding future shocks.

  2. Building Supply Chain Resilience Two significant challenges facing supply chains today are the increasing frequency of weather events and geopolitical disruptions. According to a United Nations report, there was an 83% increase in climate-related disasters from 2000-2019 compared to the previous two decades. Similarly, the geopolitical landscape has become more volatile, impacting global supply chains. Levelpath discussed strategies for building resilience, including the adoption of modern technology platforms that can adapt to these dynamic challenges.

  3. Innovating Across Every Part of the Business The event underscored the critical role of innovation in every aspect of procurement and supply chain management. Levelpath emphasized the importance of nurturing technology innovation to create value for the enterprise. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and strategies, companies can capture previously untapped areas of spend and foster growth.

  4. Harnessing Technology to Reimagine Procurement At the core of supply chain excellence lies the power of transformative technology. Levelpath championed the pivotal role of an always-available supplier system of record, unlocking supplier visibility across the entire business. Levelpath AI platform unifies procurement, making enterprise commerce more transparent, reduces risk, and drives profitability. At the heart of Levelpath is the Hyperbridge reasoning engine, which extracts and enriches data from hundreds of thousands of sources, unifying the procurement process into a single view on any device. These groundbreaking innovations elevate productivity, collaboration, and supply chain visibility, empowering businesses to anticipate and proactively respond to market shifts.

  5. Cultivating an Innovative Organizational Culture Innovation can originate from any part of the organization, provided there is a culture that encourages the free flow of ideas, curiosity, and experimentation. The keynote speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author, Keith Ferrazzi, emphasized the importance of listening to employees and fostering a shared mission. By bringing groups together and engaging in a collaborative environment, businesses will harness the full potential of their workforce to drive innovation and greater success.

I loved witnessing the brilliant minds tackle modern supply chain complexities over the last two days at the "Future of Supply Chain" event. What struck me most was the passion for inventive change. At Levelpath, we're committed to leading this transformation. Our AI platform provides the visibility, automation, and unified data companies need for agile supply chains. But technology alone isn't enough - it requires a mindset of continuous learning. I left energized about the future we are building with customers and I love being part of writing that next chapter!

Looking Ahead The "The Future of Supply Chain'' event highlighted the exciting opportunities and challenges facing the industry. As Levelpath demonstrated, the path to success lies in leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, and building resilient supply chains. These efforts will enable organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern world and achieve sustainable growth.

For more insights on transforming procurement and supply chains with AI and modern technology, visit Levelpath's website and stay tuned for future events and discussions.

-- Michaela


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