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On the Path to Delightful Procurement

If we’re being honest the overall buying process in any company is frustrating experience and procurement as a result taken much of the blame. Whether someone needs to get a happy hour budget approved, add a software seat for a colleague, or purchase swag for a tradeshow, it can take hours (days, weeks) to research vendors, track down the right stakeholders, and chase them for approvals across emails to accomplish these tasks.

If these sound like really specific anecdotes, it’s because they are. We became procurement customers ourselves after our prior company Scout RFP, a cloud-based platform for strategic sourcing and supplier engagement, was acquired by Workday in 2019. That year sparked the beginning of our journey to create Levelpath, a next-gen procurement platform that aims to make procurement delightful.

Our team of four cofounders – Alex, Stan, Bryan, and Raimonds – has been building procurement software together for nearly a decade. With expertise respectively in product, go-to-market, operations, and engineering, we’re focusing our collective experience to solve one of the most complicated yet universal enterprise problems: disparate and inefficient procurement workflows.

We truly believe in our ability to solve this complex problem because we’re approaching it in a way that nobody has before. By building a procurement platform with the end-user in mind, we can deliver a delightful experience that employees actually use and widely adopt.

Our ten-year tenure in the procurement industry has granted us the unique opportunity to continue serving some of our previous Scout RFP customers. We recognize that our Levelpath customers are our most valuable asset. This doesn’t mean just appreciating their business. It means listening. We welcome all of their feedback and insights into the product development process. By treasuring our customers' input we’ve already achieved many important milestones that have been paramount to our early success. We are a novel mobile-first procurement platform; the first to embed AI into its foundation; the only product that can provide a bird’s eye view of a business’ vendor catalog. Developed with the help of our thought partners - our customers - these key features result in a delightful experience.

What is delightful procurement?

The concept of delightful procurement may sound ambitious, but it's at the very heart of our operations. We believe fundamentally that software should be simple and enjoyable to use. So, we set out to build a procurement platform that not only endures the test of time and drives efficiency but, most importantly, delights all users. The procurement process, while vital to the success of any organization, carries cumbersome workflows, complex approvals, and a lack of user-friendly tools. Levelpath removes these obstacles and simplifies the procurement journey for everyone involved.

The future of procurement

Thanks to the support of our investors from Redpoint Ventures, Benchmark, NewView Capital, World Innovation Lab (WiL), and Menlo Ventures, we received a total of $45.5M to continue building Levelpath. However, we're not just building a platform, we're shaping the future of the function and elevating the procurement industry. When procurement is made more accessible and efficient for all team members, it can truly become a driver of progress within an organization.

Levelpath is officially live and we're working with with many design customers.! We’re happy to invite you to join us on this journey to delightful procurement, driving forward simplicity, efficiency, transparency, and user-friendliness for the greater industry. If you're ready to transform your procurement operations, we can help you on that path.

Click below to request a demo and experience ✨delight✨.


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